Twisted Audio residents play Deliverance Festival in NSW

We are very proud to have some of our resident artists perform at this year’s Deliverance Festival in NSW taking place from the 14th – 17th of December, representing Twisted Audio will be Dysphemic & Miss Eliza, Lickweed and SK MC.

Deliverance is a limited ticket invitational Arts and Bass Music Gathering held in a venue fairly unique in Australia. Situated in the great dividing range of Northern NSW, we’ve found a site with a few features we think makes this a perfect long term home for our event.

Our dream is to create a long-term, community-focused, fun, creative outlet for cutting-edge music, art, and culture. We believe that when many creative minds are in one place, magic happens. Deliverance is intended to encourage this gathering of spirits, and through collaboration with other like minded events which share similar ethics and goals, work toward a greater, global goodness.

Deliverance aims to showcase diverse, futuristic and unique styles of electronic music, all in the the beauty of the Australian outdoors. Our primary guests are those who create art or music themselves: Those who are into interesting sound design, exploration, collaboration, and the sharing of concepts and ideas through sonic, visual, and other means.

We don’t favor any musical genre over another and plan to always bring you a broad range of sonic goodness – selected both locally and from the global underground.

In each of our ‘micro-scenes’ here in Australia, there are scores of brilliant, creative people. We are all into tons of different musical styles and a variety of other expressive/art styles. Deliverance remains a single stage event in the hope that having all you amazing people in the same space, for the entire event, will once again create something unforgettable for us all to share.


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