Twisted Audio podcast #25 – Soulflex

In preparation for the Kiwi Invasion coming at the end of the month to Brown Alley we got Faint from Soulflex in New Zealand to record our latest podcast filled with music from all our kiwi invaders and more.

From deep, bouncy, funky to hard and heavy, this podcast showcases some amazing music coming from our neighbours to the south, much love to our kiwi brothers!

Make sure to catch Soulflex Playing the Kiwi Invasion on the 28th of June @ Brown Alley

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1. Fletcher (Soulflex Remix) – Survival & Silent Witness
2. Nighttide (Incognito Remix) – State Of Mind
3. Bounce (DLR Remix) – Buck Rogers
4. She Blow – Soulflex
5. Two Minds – TREi
6. Five Breaths – State Of Mind
7. Martyrdom – Dose
8. Swinger – TREi
9. Wanna Hear VIP – State Of Mind & Chris Su
10. Banshee (Dose Remix) – Jade & Mindscape
11. Bad Business (Soulflex Remix) – Braincrack
12. Limits Feat. MC Beau – TREi
13. Deterrence Theory Feat. Hysee – Bayou
14. Intravenous – Soulflex
15. Tangerine Feat. Dose – The Upbeats
16. Beneath The Sun – Dose
17. Howlin’ For My Baby – K+Lab Remix
18. McFly Was a Raver (Buck Rogers: Buck To The Future Mix) – K+Lab & Funkdamunk
19. Need To Know (Buck Rogers Remix) – K+Lab

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