Miss Libertine Closing Party featuring Twisted Audio & more

Well after 5 awesome years Miss Libertine is closing her doors for good. It is a sad time because i’m sure, all of you out there have had some great times, inside Lola! But we must move on and celebrate the life that was Lola (Miss Libertine).

There is only one way we know how to celebrate and that is by throwing one hell of a PARTY!

So here is what is going to happen!

The party is on the 10th of March ND starts at 2pm (yes that is right another one of Lola’s kick ass day/night parties) and the party will finish at 2am.

So naturally when you have a day party, you need to have a BBQ.

So there will be a FREE BBQ for all, just make sure you get there early because once all the food is gone the BBQ is over.

Also we will be having plenty of drink specials through out the day and night. So when the party gets closer we’ll let you know exactly what will be on special!

As for an entry fee, well there just won’t be one! Entry will be FREE, all day and night!

Now to the serious stuff! Who is going to make you boogie your day and night away?

Well over the years we have had some awesome crews and dj’s put on some tremendous parties, so we are getting some of our favourites back for one last time.

Check out this line up!

Ben Evans (Interview)
Hans Dc (The Operatives, Blame it on the Rain)
Dean Benson (Overnoise)
Ranjit Nijjer (Technoir)
Deviant (Rock Like This) (Rock Like This)
Lickweed (Twisted Audio)
Monkee (Twisted Audio)
Mike Hunt (Tight)
Mr George (Tight)
Text Book Music (Darius Bassiray, Jon Beta, Paul Beynon and Lister Cooray)
Sam McEwin vs Matt Radovich (MTC)
MJ (100% Phat)
Sofi (I love Dancehall)

With more to be confirmed so stay tuned

So make sure you get yourself down to Miss Libertine and see her of with one hell of a BANG!

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