The Outside Agency

Lickweed supports The Outside Agency (Genosha Recordings, NL)

This is going to be a killer event, with arguably one of the best acts in the world playing live for the first time in Melbourne. It’s taken some determination to make this work but I’m sure the end result will speak for itself.

With a supporting lineup of quality artists & DJ’S hopefully will make this one of the best hardcore parties that Melbourne has seen in years.

Thanks to all who have given their time & effort to all prepare the best set possible for the gig and to those who have traveled interstate to play and to attend the event.

Tickets $ 40 pre-sale mail

15th June @ Industry Bar (56 Clarke st. Southbank)
8pm till 7am


Mark N
Dep Affect
Of God
Doc Ross


The Outside Agency is a style unto itself, and as DJs they are not easily put into one specific category.

The reason for this is that their DJ sets are a mirror image of their work as producers. They will deliver a perfect blend of dark and industrial elements and can do so at almost every conceivable speed.

The Outside Agency’s DJ-sets always contain a lot of their own exclusive and unreleased material, and when given free reign their sets can incorporate anything from old acid to breakcore.

They can bring it fast and they can bring it slow, but one thing is certain: their own unique blend of dark industrial hardcore will always be at the center of the performance.

The Agency’s diversity has so far delivered them gigs all over the globe. Some of the their most important gigs have included such distinguished events as Thunderdome, Hellraiser, In Qontrol, Nightmare Outdoor, DefQon, Decibel and Mystery Land.

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