World Beyond

Lickweed plays at The World Beyond @ Revolt art space

THE WORLD BEYOND: June 7th 2080: Cyber City.

40 years on from Melbourne’s collapse, Our community has evolved from a rebel base into a sustainable cyber city. Technology has moved us forward but the new world aims to take control of it with information manipulation, microchip hacking and global surveillance. We must ensure technology is used as a means of freedom and evolution, not a tool for those bent on Dystopian control.


Hypnagog/Terrafractyl (live)
Hypnotech (USA- Addictech)
Dysphemic + Miss Eliza (live)
Shadow Fx (live)
Hugo + Treats (Live)
Circuit Bent (live)
Monster Zoku Onsomb (live- 5 peice)
Artech (live – Brazil)
Schwarr ( Adapted Records)
Lickweed (Twisted Audio)
Timmus (live)
Muska (live)
Dakini (Byron Bay)
Liam Niko (Brisbane)
Third Eye (live 4-peice)
Kodiak Kid
Stinkwood (live)
Ripple (live)
Smilk (live)
Daisycutter (Zenon)

All on the last Funktion one sound systems on earth.



- Lazer Battle Zone.
- Tech lab: 3d body mapping, hacking and virtual vacation pods.
- Mad Science Lab- DNA extractions, alchemy and medic remedy station.
- Sensory Cinema.
- Neo markets
+ Full cyber city setup, face transformations, micro-currency, agents, cyberpunks and you!

SECURITY WARNING: Please note clothing of the old world is not welcomed and will lead to interrogation.


Interactive Microchipped wristbands at

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