BBA & Twisted Audio present Icicle, June Miller and Mind Vortex

BBA & Twisted Audio combine forces to present one massive show featuring Icicle (NL, Shogun Audio), Mind Vortex (UK, Ram Records) & June Miller (NL, Ram Records)


Roxanne Parlour, Friday April 17th


Over a year since Icicle’s last visit to Australia & New Zealand, Jeroen Snik returns to our shores this April alongside his recently released and acclaimed album ‘Entropy’. Entropy delivered his most developed and ferocious music to date and without a doubt his next visit to Australia and New Zealand will show that Icicle has once again raised the bar – receiving much acclaim from top players in the scene and bass music lovers around the globe. This April, Icicle will play 6 shows across the South Pacific Including Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington from Friday 17th through to Sunday 26th April 2015

Mind Vortex

Sometimes all it takes is one tune. One tune and that’s it: your life will never be the same again. For schoolmates Laurie Carroll and Stefan Anfield is was Resonant Evil’s Renegade Hardware 2003 classic ‘Troubleshoot’. The second they heard those haunted chords and sneering, snarling bassline they knew drum & bass was going to be a major force in their life. The shamanic state it left them in even influenced their name: Mind Vortex.

Classically trained musicians, Laurie on the clarinet and saxophone, Stef on the piano, the pair both dropped out of their jazz bands the following day. Picking up old bits of hardware and whatever software they could afford, the duo spent the following six years chiselling their craft. Soaking up influences far and wide; soul, jazz, funk and classical were all added to the menu as the pair munched through music, digging deep to understand what made certain tracks so powerful and all the best hooks come with that tangible sense of magic.

2009: research and development over, they were confident they had a sound sharp enough to unleash. They wrote a wishlist of labels they wanted to work with. Ram was top of that list, so they picked up the phone.

The rest is D&B history! Ram instantly recognised Laurie and Stefan’s talents and, after a debut on Plush Recordings, signed them exclusively. ‘Now It’s Time’ and ‘Onslaught’ were the first signs of Mind Vortex’s presence on Ram. Debuted on Andy C’s critically acclaimed ‘Nightlife 5′ mix, they instantly reflected the duos understanding of the wider extremities of drum & bass science. While ‘Now It’s Time’ showed a knack for funky hooks and well executed vocal work, ‘Onslaught’ proved the pair had just as much knowledge of the darkside with its unrelenting bass texture and cunning sense of classical drama.

June Miller

Trace the very tendrils of drum & bass and you’ll hit hardcore. Acid house’s ugly little brother, its extremities resonated with a whole generation, boosting them with an energy and focus the dancefloor had never experienced before. Trace the very tendrils of June Miller and you’ll hit a wholly different type of hardcore… But a very similar story.

A transcontinental duo, Mark McCann and Bart van Dijk met under bizarre circumstances. Mark ran a small independent record label in the UK, Bart played guitar in a Dutch hardcore punk band Deluge. Neither of them knew of each other’s existence. One morning Mark received Deluge’s album ‘Spot In The Shadow’. Unsolicited, to this very day he still doesn’t know who sent the CD to him. Pressing play, the band’s uncompromising energy and attitude instantly inspired him. He picked
up the phone and organised a UK tour.

Extensive jaunts around Europe, during which Mark and Bart had formed an incurable alliance. Bonded by the fine balance of hardcore’s beauty and brutality, they started exploring other genres of music, eager to find the same unabated spirit they loved so much. It didn’t take long before they struck gold: drum & bass. The ruthless sound design, the unashamed drive and fiery tempered tempos; the switch came naturally.

Applying their musical knowledge and intuition to drum & bass they got to work, picking up production skills and learning the scene’s roots with the fever that initially united them. Within a year they felt confident enough to get their material out there. June Miller was born.

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