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MDNB introduces a master of ceremonies, drunken master and a super nice guy MC Harzee.

What made you become an MC? I remember way back when you used to play records? What made you switch?

Around 2005 I was spinning dnb at a weekly local in Christchurch. I used to play liquid so I was always on first, which meant after my set I would consume large amounts of beer and ended up chatting on the mic with MC’s Luice and Jabz. It wasnt until I moved to Melbourne and started writing more that I started getting MC gigs though.

When it was your first gig – how did you battle your nerves? Or were you sweet as? (sorry NZ pun there!)

I remember getting up with Urban Notion after Mampi Swift at Brown Alley. Pretty sure I was so toasted that nerves werent a problem, I feel for the people in the crowd though.

Do you have to bring your own mic to gigs?

Theres usually a mic set-up and ready to go if the promoter is expecting an MC. Although, my awesome lady bought me a cordless mic set-up so if I wana move around the club a bit I can bring that

I like to think an MC can either make or break a set. How do you go about keeping a balance between dominating the music or not MCing at all?

Completely agree. I just listen to what the DJ is playing and hold back when they are in the mix. There is definitly a fine line, some people like MC’s, some people hate em. Just gota roll out and know when to shut the fuck up.

Top 5 MC’s

MC2Shy – featured on my all time favourite mixes with the upbeats and has next level bars
SPMC – always compliments the DJ nicely and has a tight flow
Jabz MC – Pommy nuttah livin in Christchurch. Inspired me to get on the mic
Dynamite MC – love all the recorded stuff he did with Roni Size and was first internatty dnb MC I’ve seen
Ol dirty bastard – Master of drunk MC’ng

Thoughts on the new DRS album?

Awesome. DRS compliments the music really well, and tells a story while he’s doing it

Your competition and other fellow MC’s – Is it like the movie ’8 mile’ or is it mutual respect?

Aint no 8 mile shit goin on bro, its all love. I think certain MC’s roll better with certain DJ’s/styles, thers not much worse than goin to a dnb gig and seeing a bunch of MC’s fight over the mic, ruins the vibes.

Have you ever MCd over any other genres?

Yep, have MC’d with breaks a little bit but at the moment really getting in to writing hip hop. I am making original stuff with SVB from Sydney, and also have a glitch hop track with ‘A Bakers dozen’ coming out which also features an awesome female MC ‘SK’ , watch out for her, girl got mad skills. Also have dubstep track coming out on Backyard jobs new album which features Necro on the hook. Check out soundcloud

How do you know when the drops are and when the Dj is going for the ‘switch’?

Through telepathic frequencies, then when the tune drops youve got to bark like skibadee.

Still use pen and paper when composing you rhymes?

Yep, still like cranking up a fresh mix and writing sum bars down on paper

Any gigs you are spittin at?

Twisted Audio mix comp – RMH 28th September
Matrix & Futurebound – RMH 19th October
Dysphemic & Miss Eliza – Laundry 9th November
also playing a hip hop set 21st December at Brown Alley for Baked beats
Your funeral song – what is it?
David Bowie – golden years, followed by the boys rinsing out a dnb mashup.

I remember MC SP saying “don’t sweat it while I kick this verse…I will bench press more than you in fitness first” Or something to that effect…Whats your best rhyme you can leave us with?

“Pop music and the charts is a waste of space, Id rather invade the world and the place with bass”

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