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So if you haven’t heard, The 2013 Twisted Audio: Homegrown FreQs competition is a national search to find the best damn drum n bass dj in Australia. A collaborative effort between interstate crews, its based on technical ability, and of course the judges scores. Culminating in 5 LIVE regional heats, the winning Dj goes onto play at this years TRIBE festival. This year the weiner is: DJ Foxley, MDNB interviewed this humble chap to get the lowdown. I mean lets be honest here, I think every person thinks they make great coffee, theyre excellent drivers and are amazing lovers, and for the DJs: they all think they’re Andy C. (I do!) The difference here is Dj Foxley has got the proof!

Did you think you would win?

I wasn’t sure, all I knew was that each finalist had a 20% Chance. I didn’t really listen to mixes from other entrants I was just happy to come and play in Melbourne!

Why do you think you won? What was your competitive advantage?

Variety probably played a big part, along with harmonic mixing.

Nerves? How did you cope – Booze / Meditation?

No real nerves, more excitement than anything. I try to treat every gig the same and keep it fun!

How did it feel to be crowned 2013 Twisted Audio Australian Drum n Bass Champion?

Not going to lie, it’s pretty effing cool!

Do you produce? If so let me hear some tunes?

I do, I’ve been building my skills in the studio over the past couple of years. But as any seasoned producer will tell you, it takes a lot of time and hard work to bring your productions up to a certain standard. Mine are improving, but they aren’t quite there. I’ll send some through when they are!

Who do you lookup to djing wise?

To be honest there are far too many to list! Andy C and Crissy Criss as DJs are absolute monsters though.

Advice to people who are entering 2014?

Think outside the square, try something different and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

Your routine: What did it consist of? And how many times did you practice?

I didn’t practice that much, I mix every day so I know most tracks in my collection quite well. It’s a DJ competition though, so if you want to be competitive, putting something together is a prerequisite. My set consisted of a lot of different tracks, Liquid, Tech, Neuro, Rollers, Stadium, Uplifting, the works!

What equipment do you use?

I mostly run USB link through compatible CDJs. I figure most people who hate on CDJs just don’t know how to get the best out of them. I love vinyl, but when I ventured into mixing it wasn’t really an option as I’ve always been on a budget.

Any shout outs?

Of course. A big, big thank you to Twisted Audio for putting the event on. I think it’s fantastic for Drum and Bass in Australia, and hopefully the competition continues to grow in the future. Congratulations to the other finalists too! Also shout to everyone in the QLD Drum and Bass community. Basscreepz, Proppa, Shucka Tours, Full Crcl, Ruckus etc. Keep up the good work guys and girls.

Plans for 2014?

Produce, produce aaaaaand produce.

Funeral song – what is it?

I’m too busy enjoying life so it’s not something I’ve given much thought :P

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