An Interview with Kenny Ken (Mix n’ Blend, UK)

So what’s happening right now?

Right now I’m enjoying my time in Australia!!

You have been out to Australia quite a few times over the years… you obviously get a good reaction over here. How does it differ from the UK?

I get shown a lot of love when I come to Australia and get good reactons, I get the same back home in the UK but in Australia its better cos I’m only here once a year and I look forward to coming here just as much as the Australians look forward to seeing me

When you look back on your career from the vantage point of 2010, what do you feel are your stand-out achievements?

I’ve achieved a lot more than I ever expected being a DJ, My main achievement is that I’m still traveling the world doing what I love for so long and keeping my name amongst the top Jungle DJs in the world!

How do you keep up your enthusiasm and inspiration for music?

My daughter Samantha and my stepson Crissy plus my love for what I do keeps me well enthusiastic and inspirated. Going into the studio and making tracks that work on the dancefloor also keeps me going…

There is a really strong Reggae vibe in your work and I know you are a big fan of Reggae. If you could work with one reggae artist who would it be?

Now thats a hard question because there’s a lot of reggae artist that I like. The first one that comes to mind is Capleton.

There has been a real genre breakdown in recent years. Have you connected with that much? What sort of styles are you DJing nowadays?

I play all styles of D&B Jungle, I havent really connected with the genre breakdown, I just play what I think is good music!

How do you work the transition between genres and baselines in your sets?

It’s all about knowing what’s in your record box so you can create a set with flow.

What are your top 5 tracks right now?

My five top tracks right now are…

1. Lalabella Special by myself and UK Apache.

2. Hold you by Gyptian/ Shy Fx and Benny Page remix.

3.Pass The Kutchie / Benny Page remix.

4. Murder You by myself / Savage Rehab remix.

5. Sweet Nothings by Savage Rehab

If you could go back and give yourself advice, when would you go to and what would it be?

To take better care of my music collection!! I’ve lost a few memorable tunes over the years.

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