An Interview with Datsik (Rotton Records, CAN)

Are you looking forward to this upcoming tour of Australia?

Most definitely, Australia has always been a spot I’ve wanted to visit and now I finally have the opportunity to do it, while escaping the cold at the same time

I remember reading an interview where you had barely left Canada when your tunes were starting to impact the global dubstep fraternity. Given that your tunes had an immediate impact across the globe, does it still shock or surprise you that people want to book you from half-way across the globe?

Totally, I love the fact that my music has had a global impact and I am super thankful to anyone and everyone who has helped make my dream a reality. I am definately still fascinated at the fact that I am able to do this for a living and that people are as stoked as they are to see me!

When you DJ overseas do you like to showcase a lot of your own material, as well as exclusive material by you and your peers? Or are you the type of DJ that doesn’t like to play his own joints

Oh I definitely play a lot of my own tracks.. I love the feeling of playing one of my brand new tracks that no one knows about or no one has really heard of before just to see the crowd reaction. That being said, I also play a lot of the tunes that got me there and that everyone knows. And on top of that I play a lot of exclusives from my other friends in the scene, anything I’m feeling at the time really.

Your tunes have that robotic element to them that sound like huge machines that are smashing the beats together on a factory line somewhere. Did this robostep influence come from peers or from producers outside the dubstep genre and subgenres?

Well, honestly I’ve always been kind of a geek when it comes to cool sounds and I’ve always loved robots and mech’s and stuff.. I really was just kind of experimenting with it and when I started and then I realized it hadn’t really been done before so I just kind of rolled with it! Of course I also took a lot of influence from hip-hop and some from metal, but really dubstep is all about experimenting and trying new things. I think that’s why I am so passionate about it!

You were making hip hop originally and then you heard dubstep at a festival in British Columbia and were hooked. Did you start making dubstep straight away after you heard it that night or did the proper conversion come sometime after?

Haha, well it was pretty much an instant conversion.. I love hip-hop and I was doing it for some time, but for me it wasn’t exactly doing it for me as much anymore after I heard dubstep on a proper system…. Basically the production quality, the cool sound design, and the ability to step outside of my comfort zone and try something crazy was enough to convert me!

You are working on tracks combining hip hop with dubstep. You say it won’t be glitch hop, so how will this sound and have you got any MCs lined-up to rhyme over your beats?

Well basically at the moment I’ve been obsessed with this new kind of sub genre that seems to be emerging.. “drumstep”. It’s basically half time drum and bass with a super upbeat kind of feel. I approach it more from the dubstep-hiphop side of things so for me its basically sped up dubstep which keeps people on their feet on the dance floor. We are working with some big vocalists and MC’s at the moment.. Can’t really say much more at this point but it should be big!

You frequently collaborate with Excision. He was making D&B before dubstep and was into the scene before you. How important was he to your development as a dubstep producer?

Well, it’s interesting working with Jeff (Excision) because we approach things from two different angles. A lot of the time we will have something that sounds super heavy metal-ish and I will step in and kind of make it more hip-hoppy or give it some bounce. Or vice-versa. It’s a cool way to approach projects and it makes us both more skilled as we learn things from each other all the time. He definitely helped out when I was first starting by giving me a lot of important tips when it came to mix downs.. In my opinion, that was the most important thing I learned from him.

Will you have any new releases lined up before you get to Australia or exclusive new joints you will be dropping on you Australian tour?

Well, as far as releases go, I have a couple tracks coming out on Rottun vinyl in the next month or so, and yes, I always have new exclusive tracks ready to drop! It’s my job

For your short term future what are your plans? Do you wanna keep on going the way you are going with your releases or is there an album lined up or tracks in different tempos, genres or recorded under different aliases?

Well I’m basically just going with the flow, lately I’ve been doing a lot of remixes and such and I have been working on a bunch of collaborations with some wicked artists. For me an album is not something I want to rush, I do have a lot of unreleased tunes over the last few months that are starting to get piled up so it may end up being not be too far away. Just going with the flow!

I read that you dropped Enya’s Sail Away in a set!? Is this true and was it a remix or did you play the original? And how was the crowd reaction?

Well, it was very late at night/early in the morning and I was blasting through some deeper tunes.. I mixed it with another tune with super heavy sub bass so it didn’t really seem out of place haha, but yeah, definitely weird still lol I don’t know what I was thinking.

Any last words?

Yeah.. super stoked to be coming through for the first time!! I’ll see you all in a few days, so get ready to show me how you guys do it in AUS! Peace!

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