A Review of Total Science (UK) @ Mercat Cross

Taken from inthemix.com.au

Melbourne event brand Twisted Audio has previously brought artists such as Aphrodite, Shockone, Xample, Lomax and Opiou to our clubs and tonight featured Total Science – the UK drum and bass duo with a long history of brilliant and diverse releases. This time, the action was at the Mercat Cross Hotel upstairs.

The venue was spacious yet cozily warm with a big area of couches around a real wood burning fire, a colourful bar, and a big main room decorated with camo netting stretching from wall to wall with tiered seating at the back. A sizeable stack of Funktion One speakers at the front bathed the crowd and booth in crisp delicious sound, though the system could have had a bit more bass. Dougstep provided the nights visuals, which included a big projector screen on one wall, smoke machine, and some lights. A spacious covered outside porch provided a dry area to catch some air or smoke, and was more than welcome in the rainy nights weather. I was impressed by the friendly and relaxed crowd. Everyone seemed to be there to have a great time and enjoy the tunes.

DJ Lickweed got people out on the dance floor pretty early on with hectic tunes I couldn’t help but dance to, and his usual excellent performance mixing. Several interestingly funky remixes of more commercial tunes also stood out. I enjoyed the MCing, tonight hosted by Harzee and Dyzlexic. At midnight after Lickweed, Bonsai took over the decks, playing a somewhat more melodic set that kept the dance floor moving. I thought there could have been a little less MCing over Bonsai’s slot but it still complimented the tunes relatively well. His last set finished with an intense bassy track that I especially enjoyed!

Half of Total Science – Paul Smith – was playing tunes tonight. He opened with Break’s – Bass Face, a techy rolling track with deep minimal bass that started off the two hours set perfectly. Throughout the night, the main room remained packed. The crowd loved the set, which packed funky tunes, rolling drums, and deep creeping basslines between intense buildups. Break’s Get Up also stood out, as did the closing track, which was his own remix of Dubplate’s classic track Wots my Code. MC’s Harzee and Dyzlexic helped bring the set to a hectic finish. SpinFX continued the energy of the room diving into a set of more brooding, deeper tunes. The dance floor stayed busy though many people took advantage of the spacious smoking area (complete with funky airlock to keeping the warmth) to cool off slightly after two hours of intense boogying.

I had the best night out in a long time. Twisted Audio’s crew ran the event smoothly and professionally, and this, combined with such excellent tunes in a chill and comfortable venue made for a satisfying night out.

Review by Natalia Chodelski from inthemix.com.au

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