A Review of Drumsound & Bassline Smith @ Brown Alley

Taken from inthemix.com.au

Repeatedly bringing outstanding drum and bass artists to Melbourne, Twisted Audio was back again with their biggest international line-up yet: the UK & Technique Record’s Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Hospital Records star B-Complex and Hungarian Chris Su from Renegade Hardware. Melbourne resident MC Lowqui and Twisted Audio regulars rounded out the rest of the gig.

Brown Alley’s rooftop garden bar was trippily decorated tonight, with an impressive and huge psychedelic peace sign wall hanging, green fluoro mesh stretched wall to wall, a colourful lights flashing unpredictably. The main room meanwhile had a low hanging ceiling of camo netting that dancers shook enthusiastically in the build-ups, more posters of peace signs, and rope lights around the stage and DJ booth at the font of the floor. There was a single massive screen behind the booth, on which Blue MD was mixing an amusing combination of animations and videos, including one of a dancing Star Trooper!

I arrived to hear Tyler Deall playing awesome dancey tunes in main room, which was scattered with a dozen odd people. Out in the garden bar, Baron von Rotten was keeping things funky with a mix of pop-tinged dubstep and light drum and bass, creating a more chilled atmosphere than that on the main dancefloor. The good sound and the amazing warm summery night made dancing the night away in this outside rooftop dance floor a viable option for the evening, as well as an excellent place to cool down or have a smoke.

The club was still a bit quiet, with 40 odd people there at 12:15 when Deall began to take his tunes down deeper, with throbbing hard hitting basslines. The crowd’s pace dancing to the music began to increase along with the energy of the tunes, warming things up for the night.

The night must have been running somewhat behind schedule, because B-complex didn’t start till about 12:40. He opened with a great tune by Strillex, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Noisia remix), playing a mixture of poppier, more melodic and deeper, harder hitting tracks. I felt his set was more focused on his tune selection than his mixing, though this did make for an excellent hour and a half of dancing.

Several big tunes I recognised included his own Beautiful Lies and Just be Good to Me, DJ Kaos and Fatboy Slim. DYSLEXIC was MCing during his set, working his usual freestyle magic. Salad is OK and It’s a Funny World, two tracks off B-Complex’s new EP, were also standout tunes. His funky and flowing selection, with some wicked melodic tracks, kept the now-mostly-full room dancing.

Around 1am, DJ Lickweed began spinning bouncy smooth drum & bass records in the garden bar. There were groovy flowing melodies, such as Dawn Treader by Brooks Brothers and Futurebound as well as some slightly more pumping basslines. The size of the crowd on the dancefloor out here began to swell, with people attracted by both the fresh air and the excellent tunes. Bonsai took over out here next.

Meanwhile in the main room, Drumsound & Bassline Smith were now on decks. Known both for their huge diversity in releases and their dancefloor smashing performances, they did not disappoint tonight. The crowd, which had flowed in for B-complex, kept the dancefloor leaping and gyrating, as each intense build-up and twisted bassline seemed to increase the energy (and temperature) on the floor. MC Lowqui was on stage too, helping make things even crazier. While B-complex’s set had been dominated by standout melodic tracks, Drumsound & Bassline’s was all about the drums, bass, and getting loose!

The night was somewhat quiet for a Twisted Audio gig, probably because another excellent drum and bass event, NZ’s Concord Dawn, was on this same night in Melbourne. I thought the line-up was stellar and the decor of the venue fun and funky. Those who made it out an awesome crowd to dance the night away with.

Review by Natalia Chodelski from inthemix.com.au

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