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Sub Zero & MC Eksman (UK)

May 12, 2012


Saturday May 12th @ The Laundry



This might seem too good to be true Melbourne… but we can assure you that this is very very real! At long long last, embarking on their first tour of Australia, we are very proud to present SUB ZERO – one of the hottest jump-up artists blowing up the scene today representing the mighty Playaz imprint…

Along side him we have none other than MC EKSMAN. Which makes this possibly the most anticipated and overdue tour in Australian drum & bass history!! We have been waiting 8 long years for this moment, but now, THE WORLDS UNDISPUTED NUMBER #1 DRUM & BASS MC is coming to Melbourne to absolutely annihilate The Laundry club!


Cubist / Illusive & Dvise / Tommy Dub / Lickweed / Deall / Rick Dirk / Monkee
MC: Harzee


Jake Carter, AKA Sub Zero, has been an unstoppable force within drum & bass for almost a decade. After building massive respect and connections within the scene as one half of acclaimed Geordie jump up duo G-Dub, his solo output since 2009 has seen Sub Zero smash out some of drum & bass’s most destructive releases, from his tear-out debut ‘Spin Doc’ to ‘Ooh Baby’, ‘Dodge City’ and of course, ‘Poon’.
Sub Zero has risen to become a major weapon on the Real Playaz/Ganja Records label, and his release schedule for 2011-12 went stratospheric. As Jake’s production diversified, breathing new styles and life into jump up with strains of dark & minimal drum & bass, praise has been rolling in from heads such as Metalheadz don Goldie, Shogun boss Friction and S.P.Y. His debut Bipolar EP on Real Playaz has fully unleashed the split-personality production of this versatile artist, reflecting a scene that has become stronger for its diversification over the last few years.

It was 2011 that saw Sub Zero smash out his biggest track to date, ‘Poon’, nominated Best Track of the Year at the Drum&BassArena Awards. Its irresistibly dark but heavyweight style saw ‘Poon’ slammed into the set of pretty much every major DJ set of the season, as well as dominating the number 1 spots on Beatport, Drum&BassArena and Track It Down. Undeniably one of the weightiest dancefloor smashers to emerge from drum & bass in recent years, its B-side ‘Brighter Days’ smashed expectations with a soulful, deep take on the minimal roller.
Sub Zero’s talent as a remixer has seen his toxic refix of Sigma’s ‘The Jungle’ get rinsed by hard-hitters everywhere, leading on to a massive remix of ‘Run Riot’ for Camo & Krooked on Hospital Records, as well as dubstep goliaths Circus Records commissioning a fiendish rework of 140 anthem ‘50 Calibre’ by Funtcase. And to show just how much his talents are in demand, Viper Records has asked Sub Zero to take on DC Breaks’ ‘Babylon’, adding some landmark collaborations to an already outstanding back catalogue.

When he’s not smashing out titanium-hard DJ sets worldwide in South Africa, the US, Russia, Australia, Canada, China and all over Europe, Jake kicks back in Leicester and works on his next breath-taking release for the Playaz crew, and heads down to London monthly to smash out a residency set at Fabric’s colossal True Playaz events. Of all the achievements and accolades he has had in his career, a massive source of pride is his remix of DJ SS’s ‘We Came to Entertain’ rinsing out as the soundtrack to the infamous ‘Fred The Raver’ video on Youtube, boasting 2.5 million views to date.

With Sub Zero was voted DJ ravers most wanted to see at the world’s biggest drum & bass festival (Saint-Petersburg’s Pirate Station), and with every release he puts out going straight to the top of every download chart, Sub Zero’s massive popularity and fierce reputation as a producer isn’t slowing down anytime soon. And after the versatility and vision shown by his debut Bipolar EP, the scene had better watch out for Sub Zero’s next move.


Two thousand and eleven, MC Eksman still currently holds the number 1 position of best ‘Lyrical MC’, awarded at the National Drum and Bass awards voted by over 22 thousand people.
In an extremely short time, in terms of a music career, Eksman exploded onto the scene in a way that wasn’t comparable to any other talent to date. His style was like no others, His ability to write lyrics which had meaning and stood out against all others rocketed him to the top of the mc chain at a incredible pace.

He starting his career back in 1996 holding down a pirate radio show every weekend with his (still partner in crime) Mc Herbzie. Eksman spent many years writing, polishing his performance and enhancing his lyrics until he felt ready to take what he had nurtured for so many years to the forefront of the scene. It was only in 2003 when he got his first real bout of recognition when he was voted ‘Best Newcomer’ at both industry favourite Knowledge Magazine awards as well as the Accelerated culture awards. These two events saw him catapult onto the scene literally taking people and places by an absolute storm. His success story is one that is made from legend as by 2004 he had gone from Newcomer to Number one where he lifted the ‘Best Lyrical MC’ for which eleven thousand people voted worldwide.

Eksman went from strength to strength with the release of Drive by Car, produced by Bingo head honcho DJ Zinc. Other releases included Bad Man on Frontline Recordings, They Don’t Know on D Style Recordings, Na Blood, Roll slow and Energy to name a few.
Eks continued to pave the way for dnb mcing collecting ‘Best lyrical’ and ‘Best crowd hype’ mc in 2007 which had never before been achieved by any other drum & bass MC. He also scooped 2 more awards in 2010 and 2011 again for ‘Best lyrical’ mc.

As well as being an artist Eksman has broadened his empire and in the last two years he has put much focus, time and effort into his highly successful rave event ‘OVERLOAD’. Since the birth of Overload in 2009 Eks has staged many road block events in cities such as London. Birmingham, Bristol and Kent, with some of the craziest mc line ups seen to date. Along with the mcing and Parties Eks is working a lot more in the studio with some massive collaborations lined up for the future.

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