Roni Size
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Roni Size + Fabio & Grooverider

November 6, 2017

Twisted Audio & The Operatives present

Celebrating 20 Years of New Forms

25 Years Of Drum & Bass

November 6th (Melbourne Cup Public Holiday Eve)


Supported by Idle Minds Workshop / Monkee / Lickweed / Decksi

Roni Size’s whole life has been about building something new from whatever was around him. From Bristol youthclub parties, through the white heat of rave and the founding moments of jungle and drum’n’bass, to transforming underground electronic music into something that could be played by a live band on the biggest arena and festival stages, he has at each stage created completely afresh – not just a sound or style but an entire methodology of how music can be made. And each time, that new creation has reflected his heritage, his surroundings and the precise moment in which he’s operating.

The last three years have seen Roni Size remind us of the raw drive and ambition that originally propelled him, his crew and his city to pioneer game-status over 20 years ago. In 2014 he returned with his first new material since 2008. In 2015 he had Reprazent back on the road. In 2016 he and Krust re-launched Full Cycle.

This year Roni has thrown himself in at a brand new deep-end. Marking the milestone 20th anniversary of his groundbreaking Mercury Music Award-winning album New Forms, he’s developed an A/V concept that will provide a whole new perspective on his and Reprazent’s seminal album. This is the first time he’s performed the album solo (using original stems and additional instrumentation on keyboards, sampler and drum machines) and it incorporates 3D mapping technology and a lightbox cage to create the visual experience.

While trends come and go, when it comes to drum’n'bass, Fabio and Grooverider stand firm. Both were there right at the beginning, behind the decks as house and UK hardcore gradually transformed into jungle and d’n'b. Both have pursued boundary-pushing careers in their own right – Fabio refining his own “liquid funk” sound and running his own label Creative Source, Grooverider DJing across the world and pushing artists like Photek and Doc Scott on his own Prototype imprint. But their partnership has remained unshakeable – their early sets at London sweatbox Rage remain the stuff of legend, while their long-running Radio 1 show was crucial in cementing the genre’s longevity. Who better, then, to give a drum’n'bass history lesson?

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