Tommy Dub

Twisted Audio Podcast #2 (July 2011) – Tommy Dub (Cue Recordings)

Posted: Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Tommy Dub

This month’s Twisted Audio Podcast is mixed by Cue Recordings‘s own badman – Tommy Dub.
Get ready for a full spectrum mix of all styles of Drum n Bass, From liquid & deep to jump up and Tech, Tommy Dub never disappoints.

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Tommy Dub Bio


1. Martsman – Halow
2. High Contrast – If We Ever
3. Komatic & Technicolour – Changeling
4. Lenzman – Fade Away
5. Total Science & SPY – Past Lives
6. Lenzman & Treez – Stellar
7. Haste & Sensa – The Place
8. Lenzman – More Than I Can Take (Enei Remix)
9. Livewire – Avalanche
10. Ktee & Friction – Set It Off (Icicle Remix)
11. Basher – Transmission
12. Enei – Slow Motion
13. Dub Phizix & Skeptical – Silo
14. Skeptical – Structure
15. Tokyo Prose – Kucklehead
16. Future Signal – Replicant
17. EBK, DLR, Gusto & Octane – Mainframe
18. Hybris – The Guy
19. Icicle – Dreadnaught
20. Alix Perez – Im Free
21. Jubei – Patience VIP
22. Bladerunner – Take Me Higher
23. Fresh – Mission To Mars
24. Q Project – Credit Crunch
25. Total Science & Spy – Street Sweeper
26. Rufige Krew – Monkey Boy (Original Sin Remix)
27. Phetsta – Disco Dog
28. State Of Mind – Division 10
29. Fred V – In My Head VIP (Mutated Forms Remix)
30. Chase & Status – Hurt You
31. Metrik – Lightspeed
32. Brookes Brothers – Snowman
33. Camo & Krooked – Breezeblock
34. Shockone & Phetsta – Crucify Me
35. Squash – Mind Blank
36. Chase & Status – In Love
37. Squash – Squeak
38. Wilkinson – Moonwalker
39. Squash – Divine
40. Total Science & SPY – Magic Hour
41. Squash – Wipper Stepper
42. Blokhea4d & Cabbie – Dive


Twisted Audio present DJ SS (Formation Records, UK)

Posted: Tuesday, July 5th, 2011


Twisted Audio is proud to bring you one of biggest names in Drum n Bass history – DJ SS (Formation Records, UK)

Also Featuring some of Melbourne’s top DJs:

Kodiak Kid
Deep Element
Stryfe b2b Skirmish

Hosted by: MC Harzee
Visuals by: Dougstep

July 9th at Miss Libs (34 Franklin st. Melbourne CBD)

Get your pre-sale tickets here!

$15 Entry before 11, 
$20 thereafter


One of the UK’s finest DJ/Producers and one of the founders of Formation Records, DJ SS aka Leroy Small is an original breakbeat pioneer who has made an immense contribution to today’s drum & bass sound. SS is one of the very select DJ / Producers who has been there right from the start, due to the hard work and dedication that he puts into his music. When the hardcore scene exploded SS was there and hasn’t looked back. He and his partner Eidris started promoting their own parties called Total Kaos every Friday in their hometown of Leicester. They also put on one of the first large indoor parties at Donnington Park in the summer of 91. It was an amazing success and 6000 people danced till dawn.

DJ SS himself born and bred in Leicester is a self-taught scratch DJ and found fame scratching his way through the era along with break-dancing his way on the streets of Leicester. He progressed onto the “rave scene” and was one of the first on the worldwide scene to DJ his own produced tracks. Things moved quickly from there – SS taught himself how to produce a high calibre of music and also coached others to produce to equally high standards.

DJ SS has an enormous list of tracks and used various aliases. Over the years he’s had countless releases on Formation Records as well as doing remix work for other artists. He has released such tracks as ‘The Psycho E.P’, ‘Rhythm For Reasons’, ‘Breakbeat Pressure’, the Drum & Bass anthem ‘Black’, with the highlight being ‘ Lighter’ which was Formation Records best seller, reaching the number 1 spot in the Music Week dance chart and reaching number 68 in the music charts. It is a track that has remained incredibly popular and still continues to be played years on.

Today SS spends most of his time producing in the studio and travelling all over the world to DJ and promote his brand “World of Drum & Bass”. His travels have taken him throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, the United States of America and Asia. When SS has any spare time he is dedicated to football and is an ardent Manchester United fan and an enthusiastic local football player.

DJ-SS is now celebrating 20 years of Formation records, and 11 years of World of Drum & Bass which is the longest consecutive D&B tour and a phenomenal achievement in any music genre.

Dys & Eliza

Dysphemic & Miss Eliza – Review from Beat Magazine

Posted: Monday, June 27th, 2011

Dys & Eliza

The evolution of the shadowy, nebulous genre of dubstep over the past few years has been a curious thing to watch. The deep rumblings of bass and slamming drums that characterise its sound have had a deep pull on dance music in 2011 –at the same time, giving birth to a chaotic movement coloured by all manner of sonic influences. Melbourne’s powerhouse duo of Dysphemic and Miss Eliza are at the forefront of the action – having supported the likes of Chasing Shadows, Andy C, Foreign Beggars and Plastician on tour, with an EP and website launch party at Roxanne this week and a full album set to drop later this year. I spoke to both to find out a little more about what they’re up to.
We open up talking about the whack things coming out of the scene at the moment – “Listening to all the kinds of music that ends in ‘step’”, Eliza says of her day, with a giggle. “How is that even possible, Burial-step! An artist-name and step! What is ‘step’ anymore? It could be anything!” This aversion to the confines of genre becomes evident in their music – borne from a partnership between two talented musicians from vastly different worlds.

Dysphemic, known to his parents as Julian Treweeke, has a well-established career in electronica, with a number of fiercely good releases to his name, and cites a wild variety of scenes in his successful career as a producer. “I’ve done a lot of experimental electronic music – hardcore techno, a lot of jungle, DnB – I had a big break from that and did a lot of hip hop and vocal stuff, and kind of moved back to DnB and dubstep,” he says, of his past. “The stuff I’m doing at the moment with Miss Eliza and MC Hines – merging all of those styles into one project.”

The other half of the couple is Miss Eliza aka Eliza Quirit. A classically-trained violinist since five, Quirit grew up in the concert halls of Australia performing and winning over forty awards as a soloist with Australia’s symphony orchestras, as well as performing abroad in China and the Phillipines, and is a graduate of both the Victorian College of the Arts and Monash University. “I did that for a long time! I’ve always loved performing as a soloist for orchestras,” she says. These days she’s known for her riotous, individualistic stage presence in an altogether different scene – asked about it, she laughs, and says of her past in classical music: “I was never really a team player, I never really wanted to sit – I wanted to be up the front with the big dress, taking bows!”

How did she find her way into the dark and mysterious realms of electronica, then? “I grew up on classical music, of course, and nineties RnB but my second eldest brother Christian was really into it – the rave scene, the mid-nineties!” They both become rather animated when it comes to the topic of nineties dance, mentioning rave culture and hanging out in London, ’92 when drum and bass was huge. It’s also where they first met. “We met behind the decks at a party,” Treweeke explains. “Eliza played me some of her IDM/experimental stuff, and a lot of her stuff was very melodic – I think we just really clicked.” It’s a collaborative process that has impacted more than just their careers in music – the two are boyfriend and girlfriend who live together. They love it: “We get to spend all this time together doing things!” Quirit says, happily. “And a lot of opportunity to practise with each other to get it really tight.”

The results are off the chain, as the monstrous recordings of the duo’s onstage antics that have surfaced on YouTube reinforce. With Treweeke blasting out broken beats as Quirit wields her violin like a weapon, ripping out melodies with fearsome precision – juxtaposing her delicate compositions with the murky depths of electronica. It’s a dream come true for Quirit. “I get to live my classical violin dreams – I reckon it’s like a violin making love to a subwoofer!” Treweeke agrees – “I think collaborating with Eliza and other people has really opened up my mind to different things.”

Their website and Sloth EP launch party is at Roxanne Parlour this week. “We’ve got some special plans for next Friday!” Eliza says excitedly. “We’ve got a few new tracks that no-one has heard yet, and MC Hines is going to be rapping with us, too – he’s on the new album.” Treweeke describes the gig as a chance to showcase the new direction their music has taken – a teaser for audiences waiting to hear their work together on record.

Their album Classical Remix, will hopefully drop by the end of the year. “We’ve got some mixing down to do, but it’s gone so fast!” says Quirit, of the album’s birth. So, what to expect? “Some crazy violin action,” she begins. “And triple-time violin shredding,” Treweeke interjects, and they both laugh. Quirit continues: “Triple-time rap, and some really beautiful melodic luscious landscapes”. Exciting.

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Twisted Audio Podcast #1 (June 2011) – Psimocybin

Posted: Sunday, June 26th, 2011


Regularly getting Twisted since its formation, Psimocybin has played at anumber of parties alongside both Local and International DJs, supporting the likes of Chris SU, B-Complex & Kenny Ken.

He placed second in Twisted Audio’s Nation Mix Competition with a slamming half hour trek across six genres.

Aiming to introduce a slew of brutal beats and other pieces, he promises to bring the bigness.

Psimocybin on Soundcloud

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Camo & Krooked – Feel Your Pulse
>>Body & Soul – Monster Walk VIP
Blokhe4d & Dieselboy – Get Back
Spor – Aztec
Zinc feat. Miss Dynamite – Wile Out (Marky & S.P.Y. Remix)
Shockone Feat Reija Lee – Polygon (Dirtyphonics Remix)
Tantrum Desire – Just Can’t Wait
Noisia – Friendly Intentions
>>Break – Submerged (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
Hazard – Proteus
Futurebound vs Metrik – Sabotage
Xample & Lomax – Remember
>>DC Breaks – Take That
Nero – Me And You (Dirtyphonics Remix)
>>Blokhe4d – Beyond the Void
Phace & Misanthrop – Desert Orgy
Prolix – Freeze Frame
Apex – Entrapment
Camo & Krooked – Vampires
Mattix & Futile – Where We Are
Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub
>>Spor – Kingdom
Dirtyphonics – Lottery
Marky & S.P.Y – Riff Raff
Spectrasoul – Penninsula
Fresh – Fantazia
Serum & Bladerunner – Who Jah Bless
Cyantific feat. Logistics – Flashback
Spor – Powder Monkey
Billain – Probes
Camo & Krooked – Cliffhanger
Shimon – Vengeance
>>Shimon & Andy C – Body Rock
>>Dirtyphonics – French Fuck

Dys & Eliza

Dysphemic & Miss Eliza Website & Sloth EP Launch

Posted: Monday, June 13th, 2011

Dys & Eliza

Dysphemic & Miss Eliza’s New Website is set to GO LIVE next month! To celebrate, our very own gremlin-child Dys will be launching his new 3 track EP “Sloth” and it’s a FREEBIE! With guest appearances from the luscious violin extraordinaire Miss Eliza and MC Heinz of Cyclones fame, it’s an EP not to be missed.

Launch Party in effect on the 1st of July at Roxanne Parlour.

Supported by Melbourne’s illest bass heavy producers with a huge stack of free sh!t to give away on the night, this is going to be epic.
The legendary Doug-step on visuals!
Check it!

Dysphemic & Miss Eliza Bio
Dysphemic – Sloth EP Teaser
Dysphemic & Miss Eliza EP Launch Facebook event

The Rewind Show

National Mix Comp – The Rewind Show

Posted: Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

The Rewind Show

So with this year’s national mix comp approaching we’ve decided to take a moment and let the 2010 contestants a chance to shine.

This June we will be bringing you a selection of the DJs who entered last year’s national mixing comp that you didn’t get to hear:

The Rewind Show featuring 2010 finalists:

Psimocybin (2nd place, VIC)
Linken (3rd place, NSW)
Vertigo (NSW)
Pheen (TAS)
Rubix (VIC)

With support from:


Hosted by: DtechMC (NSW)
Visuals by: Dougstep

June 11th at Miss Libs (34 Franklin st. Melbourne CBD) – Free Entry before 12,
$10 thereafter.

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