DJ Fresh & MEssy MC - Live at Twisted Audio

DJ Fresh & Messy MC – Live at Twisted Audio

Posted: Sunday, April 15th, 2012

DJ Fresh & MEssy MC - Live at Twisted Audio


Twisted Audio residents support METRIK (Viper Recordings, UK)

Posted: Saturday, April 14th, 2012


\\\Straight UP! Presents///


Friday 27th April @ Royal Melbourne Hotel

Early Bird tickets available here

After a bangin’ party last month the Straight UP crew are back at Royal Melbourne to bring you another night of bass-heavy vibes alongside METRIK (Viper Recordings, UK).

With extra sound, lighting and decor, it’s safe to say we will be raving until sunrise once again. See you on the dancefloor crew!

Supported by Twisted Audio residents & more:

Tommy Dub
Rick Dirk

Hosted by MC’s Altezz & JP

DJ Fresh & Messy MC Review from

DJ Fresh & Messy MC Review from

Posted: Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

DJ Fresh & Messy MC Review from

Some kind of Easter magic was going on at Brown Alley. Normally, in Melbourne, you won’t see a crowd until midnight. But for some reason, there was a respectable sized dance floor from the moment the doors opened. For a Sunday night, what was happening at the Twisted Audio/All City Bass joint event should have been impossible. Such is the magic of DJ Fresh.

Early DJs like Raider and Meltdown reaped the benefits of this early crowd magic. Meltdown in particular unleashed an impressive set, full of harsh, tasty beats. Definitely worth a mention was the reaction to DJ Dose’s Beneath the Surface. Meltdown’s tracklist was full of these lesser-known gems, but the crowd reacted like they were big name hits.

Speaking of big names, Cubist, one of Melbourne’s major players in the drum and bass scene and head of Wobble, played an awe-inspiring set. Earning serious purist brownie points by rocking it on vinyl, Cubist played a set that was on another level technically. While the minor faux pas of playing the headliner’s track was committed when Ice Cream was dropped, the crowd’s reaction more than covered for it.

Speaking of massive reactions, New Zealand’s drum and bass kingpin Deall’s set was full of them. The crowd had packed itself into the venue by this stage, fully charging every reaction. With his original, Freak, Deall had the crowd bouncing up and down like a bunch of crazed Easter bunnies.

Also keeping the crowd bouncing was the surprise guest Dub FX. At times, the legendary MC worked so well with Deall you would swear the appearance was planned. The times that they were only 90% together only went to show that it wasn’t. Massive kudos must be given to whoever set the mix for the microphone for the MC’s. It was literally perfect: loud enough to give the MC the spotlight when they wanted it, quiet enough to remain complimentary to the mix underneath them.

The next MC up was Messy MC alongside the man himself: DJ Fresh. Surprisingly, Fresh led with his massive hit Louder. In fact, DJ Fresh’s set would be considered commercial by the night’s standard, going so far as to play Calvin Harris. DJ Fresh is one of the most skilled mixers out there – his tune selection may not have kept his original fan base happy, but the rest of the crowd went absolutely crazy. Two brand new, unreleased tracks were played, both of which are monstrously powerful. However, the high point definitely sits on Killing in the Name Of. No one expected it and, on top of the hardcore dubstep DJ Fresh was playing, it sent the crowd colliding off of each other as they formed a serious mosh-pit. The crowd loved the set, even getting on top of each other’s shoulders at one stage to get a better look.

The crowd also loved the vs set from Monkee and Lickweed. These two guys were responsible for the night itself and, as such, knew their crowd perfectly. The real killer was Noisia’s Diplodocus (High Contrast Remix). Thanks to these guys, the crowd didn’t even dwindle after DJ Fresh finished; letting them enjoy the benefits of all their work paying off.

Also enjoying himself is Melbourne’s kingpin of all things distorted: Zayler. There are very few people that can hold a crowd until five in the morning on a Sunday, but not only is Zayler one of them, he should be made their king after his set. He kept the still decent sized crowd there right up until the final note of Time to Pretend (High Contrast Remix).

Taken from

Screen shot 2012-03-27 at 6.48.31 PM

Twisted Audio Podcast #11 – Deall & Harzee

Posted: Friday, March 30th, 2012

Screen shot 2012-03-27 at 6.48.31 PM

Taking control of the April 2012 Podcast are the duo of Deall & Harzee with some old skool and new skool DnB, Jungle and everything in between.

Deall is famous for his lightning quick mixing skills and Harzee is the MC that bring the party to life, a banging mix by some of Twisted Audio’s finest.

Don’t miss this duo supporting DJ Fresh at Brown Alley this Easter Sunday – Large up!

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Track list:

1. Calibre & High Contrast – Mr Majestik
2. SPY – Hotspot
3. Krome and Time – Ganja Man (SPY & Total Science remix)
4. A-Sides – Roots & Culture
5. Twisted Individual – Gimp mask (SPY remix)
6. SPY – Distant Street Lights
7. SPY – Elite Squad
>> Need you – Dylan & Ink
8. Sato – Clap ya hands
9. Matrix & Fierce – Climate (C4C remix)
10. DJ Fresh – Heavyweight
11. Kemal – Let it Move You
12. Arsenal – Saudade (Marky & SPY remix)
13. Mikal & Break – Just a Game
14. Need For Mirrors – Valentino ft. Stapleton
15. Moving FUsion – Attention
16. Die & Break – Grand Funk Hustle
17. Bulletproof – That Dude’s A Shapeshifter
18. Need For Mirrors – Odd Future
19. Zero Method – Command Four
20. Hydro & Mindscape – Skid row
21. Gridlok – Insecticide
22. The Upbeats ft. Teknik – Poison
23. Zero Method – Hybrid
24. DJ Fresh – Off World
25. Borderline – Hot Spot
26. Optiv & BTK – Gateway
27. Twisted Individual – Rusty Sheriffs Badge
28. Optiv & BTK – Whatever
29. Bulletproof, Nymfo & Teknik – 3 Of A Kind
30. The Upbeats – Binge Drinker
31. Future Prophecies – The Roof Is On Fire ft. MC Dynamite

DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh & Messy Mc (Breakbeat Kaos, UK) – Easter Sunday @ Brown Alley

Posted: Thursday, March 29th, 2012

DJ Fresh


Easter Sunday April 8th @ Brown Alley

Door Open 10pm til late

Supported by Deall / Meltdown / Raider / Zayler / Monkee / Lickweed / MC JP


Dj Fresh

Dan ‘DJ Fresh’ Stein is set to take another step up in his illustrious career by launching his incredible live show in late 2011. FRESH/LIVE aims to amplify the club experience by incorporating a full live band to perform Fresh’s latest and greatest tracks in authentic fashion.

One of the originators of drum&bass, Fresh began his career as founding member of the supergroup Bad Company. In ‘98 when Fresh was still 19, the group released The Nine – a track that was to later be voted the best d&b tune of all time by D&B Arena. Not bad for a guy still in his teens!

But in the last 12 months, DJ Fresh has truly become a household name with the huge success of tracks like Gold Dust & Louder. With Louder notching up over 500,000 sales and being the first Number 1 for Fresh it also became the first EVER dubstep track to top the charts and feature as the soundtrack to the Lucozade advert.

Skip and Swing

SKIP & SWING feat. Dysphemic & Miss Eliza and Monkee

Posted: Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Skip and Swing

When In Rome is proud to present Skip & Swing! A night of Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Liquid Drum & Bass and Future Garage featuring Dysphemic & Ms Eliza, Monkee, J.Nitrous, Proximity Effect and Aaron Static. With a 2am visit by Mat Beyer as seen on ‘Masterchef Australia’ to cure the munchies and keep you partying until the sun comes up!

**Free Entry**

Master of Ceremonies: MC Elf Tranzporter
Visuals by: vdmo Kstati

Check out some of the talent below!

\\Dysphemic & Miss Eliza//

Dysphemic & Miss Eliza is the combination of a highly respected Dubstep, Glitchhop, DnB and IDM Producer combining styles with a multi-award winning classical violinist. Based in Melbourne, Australia the duo has been blazing dance floors both local and abroad developing a hefty reputation for their magnetic stage show and stand out digital releases.

\\M O N K E E//

M O N K E E is one of Melbourne’s most renowned Drum n Bass Dj’s. Part of the well respected Twisted Audio & All City Bass crews, this jungle creature can be seen mixing it up along side some of the world’s biggest names around the country.


Since 2003, J.Nitrous has been heading against the grain and shaping his own unique style of music. Hailing from the secluded outback of Australia, J.Nitrous has managed to gain a loyal following of screaming dubstep fans from around the world.

Receiving DJ support from the likes of Doctor P, SPL, Flux Pavilion, Excision and many more esteemed artists, you can only expect the best heart stopping music from J.Nitrous.

“Taking dubstep to strange, exciting corners of the musical universe.”

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