Twisted Audio residents play Tekstep : Earth Festival

Posted: Monday, January 28th, 2013


3 day celebration of beats and bass in the beautiful Victorian bush. Friends, good music, massive soundsystem, camping, fishing and bushwalking. Drum and bass, breaks, dubstep, reggae, dub and bass/breakbeat music from a huge selection of Melbourne’s finest and most passionate dj’s and crews. What better way to spend a weekend?


The beautiful, lush venue for this event is located 2 hours from Melbourne and features plenty of camping space, rivers, fishing, bushwalking tracks, toilets/showers and even cabins/beds for those who like their luxuries. We will even be setting up a full sized (Huge!) outdoor cinema to enjoy under the stars.


Dub FX – DJ/MC (Convoy Unlimited)
Snareophobe – UK (Convoy Unlimited/Ape Music)
Safire (BBA/Dispatch Recordings)
MC Pab (Adelaide/Tekstep Veteran)
Hans DC (Revolver/The Operatives)
Nam (The Operatives)
Finna (BBA) (Rock Like This)
Matty Blades (Rock Like This)
Kodiak Kid (Whomp)
C:1 (Twisted Audio)
Roln (Tekstep)
Beatski (Tekstep/BBA)
SpinFX (Gutterhype Records)
Raider (Wobble/Kiss FM)
Lickweed (Twisted Audio)
Heartical Hi-Fi Outernational
Stryker D (Basement Sessions/Heartical Hi-Fi)
CTOAFN (Twisted Audio/ Collateral Damage)
J Chau (Homegrown FreQs National DJ competition winner)
Lex (40 hz)
Sub-Bass Soundsystem renegade stage and DJ’s.


Coalesce Music: KLUTE (UK) // GRIDLOK (USA) // NYMFO (NL) // PROLIX (UK)

Posted: Saturday, January 19th, 2013


Coalesce Music presents:

Friday 1st February @ Brown Alley


Main room support from: Safire, Enigma and Incog.

Garden Bar support: Buck Rogers, Kodiak Kid, Nam, Altruism and Affiks.

For more info visit



Klute is one of the greatest human beings to have walked the earth. He has been a member of the inter-galactic council of 9 for a number of years now and was recently awarded the prestigious role of Minute taker for Brent council narcoleptic society.
Klute began sometime in the mid nineties as an exclusive name for Certificate 18 records and produced 2 fine albums for them before receiving a help in the community grant from Sir Alan Sugar to start Commercial Suicide, the home for mental deficients.
Since 2001 Klute has steered Commercial Suicide to release over 50 12″ singles and 7 albums, mostly by himself but countless others too……….. tbose too stupid enough to know better to be honest. If you see Amit, SKC, Nymfo, Break, Chris SU, Hive, MIndscape, Trei, Dose, The Upbeats, Ill Skillz etc etc when you are out and about, do stop to give them a pat on the head and a caring grin. They know no better.
As well as releasing on his own label, which is called COMMERCIAL SUICIDE, Klute has released on many of the most prestigious labels in the world, such as Metalheadz, R:Soul, Hospital, 31 Records, Shogun Audio, Certificate 18, blah de blah. He has also collaborated with many studio greats too, such luminaries as Lamb, Mogwai, Bis, Natasha Atlas, Harold Budd, Concord Dawn, John Tejada and loads of really sexy women too.
That’ll do for now, you get the idea.


A true pioneer of the Drum and Bass sound, Gridlok remains one of the most highly regarded artists in the industry. With a discography spanning over a decade and featuring classics such as ‘Moodswings’, ‘Bottomfeeder’, and ‘Standing Room Only’, it’s little wonder that the Gridlok name has become synonymous with timeless Drum and Bass


A true DJ at heart with many years experience under his belt, Dutch DJ/producer Nymfo has recently been making waves with his skills in the studio as well as on the decks. Standout singles for Commercial Suicide and Critical Modulations have made his name synonymous with tough, techno-tinged dancefloor drum & bass, adding to a reputation built at his own nights Red Zone and Breek in Eindhoven. Now in 2012 he’s pushing his sound further with releases set for Commercial Suicide and Metalheadz as well as further collaborations with Black Sun Empire, Klute and S.P.Y


Prolix is one of the most respected producers of his genre, well-known in the scene in particular for his technical production skills and creativity as well as his ability to rock dancefloors with his DJ sets worldwide. He has played gigs far and wide, from regular Playaz nights at Fabric in London to touring clubs across Europe, America and Canada.
His CV is graced with work on cutting-edge labels such as Playaz, Metalheadz, Ganja Tek, Trendkill, Project 51, Viper, Renegade Hardware, Virus , Uprising, Commercial Suicide and Bad Taste.


Skip & Swing

Monkee plays Skip & Swing @ Loop Bar

Posted: Monday, January 14th, 2013

Skip & Swing

When In Rome presents a Drum & Bass Australia Day Weekend Special


Friday 25th January 2013

@ Loop, 23 Meyers place, Melbourne CBD
Free Entry All Night!

With DJs:
J. Nitrous
Aaron Static

Visuals by Disaster Girl and Tuxtla Visuals!

Returning after a two month christmas break, Skip & Swing brings some of Melbourne’s best drum n bass DJs to Loop once again on the eve of Australia Day.

Synthetic Symphony

Dysphemic & Miss Eliza – Synthetic Symphony Album – OUT NOW!

Posted: Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Synthetic Symphony


Twisted Audio Podcast #20 – J-Don

Posted: Thursday, January 3rd, 2013


For out 20th chapter of the Twisted Audio podcast we decided to bring back one of Melbourne’s favourite old skool Jungle & Drum n Bass DJs, he just got back from the UK and brought back a whole heap of vinyl with him just for you, make some noise for J-Don!

This mix if for all you junglists who live for the rhythm and the vibe that is Jungle, don’t miss out J-Don playing the next Prehistoric Treats party supporting Aphrodite, Micky Finn & Shabba D!

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Tracklist :

1 DJ Flash – Pulp Fact
2 Knowledge & Wisdom ft Tenor Saw – Ring Da Alarm
3 DJ Rap – I Cant Stop
4 Aphrodite – Beautiful Bass (Dub Remix)
5 IQ Collective – Rebound (DJ Stretch & Bone Remix)
6 E.P.S & 2-Vibe – Big Time
7 Bassface Sashca – The Trumpet (Remix)
8 Knowledge & Wisdom – Teardown
9 Keen – 1,2,3
10 Aphrodite – Listen to the Rhythm Flow (remix)
11 Blackman – Kunta
12 Yazz – Abandon Me (Urban Shakedown Mix)
13 DJ Tonic – Sniper’s Breath
14 The Dream Team – Lion (Ascends Mix)
15 Tom & Jerry – All of My… (Aries Rmx)
16 Tom & Jerry – It Comes a Dime a Dozen E.P (B2)
17 Prototype 001 – Show Me Remix
18 DJ Hype & Ganja Max – Pum Pum Mus Smoke Ganja
19 Unknown (white)
20 Balance Inc – The Herbsman E.P


Prehistoric Treats feat. Aphrodite vs. Micky Finn & MC Shabba D

Posted: Tuesday, January 1st, 2013


We know how much Melbourne loves it’s old skool Jungle & Drum n Bass so we’ve gone all out to bring you BOTH label bosses of the legendary URBAN TAKEOVER imprint – APHRODITE & MICKY FINN accompanied by their long time partner in crime MC SHABBA D!!

These dons have been in the game for over two decades and it is hard to find anyone more influential in shaping drum & bass as a genre. They are no strangers to Melbourne either, Now they are back, the original rudeboy jungle duo – TOGETHER!


11th January – 10pm till late
Brown Alley (585 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD)



Aphrodite vs. Mickey Finn (Urban Takeover, UK)
MC Shabba D
C:1 b2b Time Travel
MC Harzee




Dirty Gipsy
Secret Nine


Gavin King, is the man behind Aphrodite Recordings. It all started way back in the summer of love ’88′ running an Acid House club called Aphrodite, the namesake has been with him since.
Through various chance meetings with DJs Micky Finn and Claudio Giussani, Urban Shakedown was born. Over the years Aphro’s own Aphrodite Recordings and Urban Takeover, a joint lable with Micky Finn followed. The musical progession to Drum n Bass was a natural step over the years through hardcore and jungle.
Aphrodite Recordings is the base outlet for all music with the Aphro signature.

DJ Aphrodite is known for playing out a good vibe that ranges from classics to upfront and exclusive dubplates. Aphro is invited to DJ in countries all over the world.

Mickey Finn

Micky started DJing in the late eighties and became well known with the advent of the Acid House movement in South London. He was given the name Micky Finn because of his build by mates and friends in the scene. In the early nineties breakbeat and loose jungle techno was filling his record boxes as he travelled the length and breadth oh the UK. Such was the demand for his skills at this time by huge events all around the country he was even strarting to catch private planes between gigs. Micky’s production talents started off with Biting Back – She’s Breaking Up then partnered Gavin and Claudio for Urban Shakedown – Some Justice.

Now Micky travels the world and throws down his vibe in countries like Japan, USA, Australia, Holland, Ibiza, Germany, Finland, Israel and France to name just a few.

MC Shabba D

MC Shabba is a name which has become legendary amongst the livelier, more dancefloor orientated D&B scene. From humble beginnings on the now defunct ‘Rush FM’ with DJ’s such as Funky Flirt, Rusher and Red Ant alongside MC Shockin’, 14 year old Shabba worked his way through the ranks, becoming increasingly popular with listeners and leading to his first booking in 1991, when Shabba first MCed at Outrage at Busbys in Charing Cross alongside the likes of DJ Rap, Hardcore General, Stevie Hyper D etc.

Shabba is one of the scene’s true veterans, having spent the best part of twenty years in the business. In many peoples opinion, one of the greatest lyricists and entertainers the scene has to offer. When you go out to see Shabba, it ain’t just about the lyrics, it’s the way he delivers and the way he hypes up the crowd like no other. Look out for Sticky, Higher Level and Shabba himself coming to a city near you.

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