ctoafn (Couldn’t Think Of A F%#king Name) has been a DJ and promoter for the last 8 years. He was the man behind Collateral Damage & Therapy Sessions Melbourne representing the darkside of drum n bass and has toured/supported acts including Dom & Roland, Dylan, Limewax, Current Value, Audio, Nanotek, Robyn Chaos, The Sect, Raiden, The Panacea and SPL. He also promoted the “original and infamous” Spor & Ewun show @ The Palace, Evol Intent, John B, Apex (Unknown Error) and Telemetrik to name a few.

After giving up promoting in 2009 (except for the odd warehouse party) ctoafn is now concentrating on getting his brand of dubstep out to the masses – Fast mixing, dancefloor filling, bass ridden, filthy yet funky dubstep. He has supported Datsik, 16 Bit, SPL thus far with lots more big shows to come.

His “PowerDub” mixtape released in July 2010 has received props from across the globe with in excess of 1000 downloads & CD’s in circulation and has now finished his follow up – “PowerDub Mistape Part II” – and this time its on 3 decks.

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